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      福建省圣潔衛生用品有限公司,坐落于著名僑鄉“中國品牌之都”——晉江,創辦于2002年,是集研發、制造、營銷、服務、品牌經營為一體的專業母嬰用品供應商。主營嬰兒紙尿褲/環腰褲、嬰兒拉拉褲、衛生巾用PE打孔膜、PE流延膜、透氣膜、復合膜、印刷膜等產品。自有“貝佳樂”、“貴嬰”、“嬌菲”、“優貝舒”、“penbose”、“darling baby”等多個品牌。經過多年潛心經營,產品已通過SGS, COC, CCIC, CE, ISO9001:2008等多項認證,覆蓋全國30多個省份、自治區、直轄市,并遠銷加納、尼日利亞、肯尼亞、南非、菲律賓、印度等多個國家。




Fujian Shengjie Sanitary Products Co., Ltd , located in Jinjiang city, Fujian province. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of baby diapers, baby pull ups. We have been in this field since 2002 and we passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

We invest and hold shares in raw material factory, such as Film(PE film/breathable film, laminated film) factory and perforated film factory. We also offer all the other raw materials of diapers ,napkins and wet wipes. We have advanced production equipment and the standardized operation organic combination, based on these advantages, we are sure that we can give you the best competitive price.

We also strictly control the quality, which is supported by our professional QC team. We inspect the goods in our own lab. we offer the best after-service. We guarantee to take full responsibility for all products.

We believe that a good supplier with very competitive price and professional service can help you gain a lot from the market, we are looking forward to build long term cooperated relationship with you.

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福建省 泉州市 晉江市 磁灶鎮張林工業區